Favorite Pictures

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1234franks.jpg (30086 bytes)
Franklin Sr.
Franklin Jr.
Franklin III
Franklin IV
4.whatyalookinat.jpg (12305 bytes)
They caught me!!


4.bigdandedude.jpg (69472 bytes)
Down with the grasshoppers.
34c.portrait.jpg (33012 bytes)
The family.


4.tiger.jpg (29204 bytes)
Everyone has a tiger in them.
Some just show it more.
4r.farmfriends.jpg (34154 bytes)
Who said hay tastes good?
4c.lovemomson.jpg (10666 bytes)
My cuties.
4cjoyful.jpg (22813 bytes)
Gotta love the smiles.
4.smile.jpg (31152 bytes)
I'm running for President.


4.gardner.jpg (34883 bytes)
It's easier eating out of a can.